The Lessor hires the vehicle indicated on the front of the contract (including any vehicle that may replace) to the Lessee under the terms hereof, which the lessee fully accepts.



The Lessee receives the car, which is inspected and found of his/her absolute choice, suitable for the use and the purpose he/she rents it for. The Lessee obliged, upon expiration of the contract, to deliver the vehicle to the agreed return rental location along with its equipment, in the condition he/she received it and in the agreed time and place during working hours of the Lessor’s office, otherwise the rental is extended until the moment at which the agreed return rental location will operate again or until the moment the Lessor will receive the vehicle’s keys, without excluding the Lesses’s liability for theft or damage to the car for that time.  If the Lessee wishes to extend the lease of the Car, he is obliged to notify the Lessor in writing at least 24 hours before the end of the rental to obtain the respective written approval. Otherwise, 30 minutes after the agreed time of delivery the lessee will be charged with an extra days rental and generally the lessee shall be charged for each additional day he/she keeps the car provided the Lessor’s written consent for the extention of the rental. Should the vehicle is not delivered in the agreed time, or in any case when at the discretion of the Lessor there is risk of its damage or loss or violation of the terms of this agreement, the Lessor has the right to deprive and receive the vehicle in its possession without the consent of the Lessee but at his/her expenses.



The Lessee, in order to rent a vehicle, must have a minimum age of 23 years with a driving license issued at least one year in advance. The vehicle is permitted to be used only in asphalt road network by persons who are holders of a legal and recognized car driving license. The vehicle is not permitted to be driven off-road, to be used for driving lessons and test-drive and to follow or participate in races or motor sports. The vehicle is not permitted to be subleased to third parties to be used for the transport of dangerous and flammable cargo, narcotics, dirty or smelling objects for pushing or lowing other vehicles. The vehicle is not permitted to be driven by person who is under the influence of alcohol, hallucinogenic, narcotics or other substances, to be used for the illegal transport of people or goods for profit illegal transport or nationals or foreigners, committing illegal acts with the rented car, to be driven in violation of the Highway Code provisions, customs, traffic or other regulations and to cross the Greek borders without the written consent of the Lessor. The vehicle is not permitted to be driven by persons other than the Lessee and any additional driver, for whom the Lessee has accepted the respective daily charged as determined by the price list of the Lessor and the details of any additional driver must be recorded in the rental agreement.

The Lessee undertakes to take care of the Car, to take all care to prevent its theft from controlling its mechanical condition, the level of oil and water, the tires, etc., and to inform the Lessor in good time when it is necessary to maintain it or when a defect or problem occurs and uses the appropriate fuel type. Any repair of the Car by the Lessee or any other third party is prohibited without the prior approval of the Lessor. In the event that the Car is damaged or stolen due to non-observance of the aforesaid, the Lessee is not exempt even if he has accepted any of the OPTIONAL COVERAGE (see below, No 4). In the event of damage, theft or accident, the Lessee is immediately obliged to notify the police, not to acknowledge any fault or guilt and claims of third parties in any way, directly or indirectly, by telephone or by any other means, to contact the Lessor, to name the names the addresses of the eyewitnesses, as well as the name and address of the driver and the details of the Car that the Vehicle may have contracted and complete and sign an accident / theft statement; and to deliver any documents or information relating to the accident to the Lessor. In the event of theft or loss of the Car, the Lessee is required to terminate the event in writing to the nearest police authority and Lessor not later than twelve (12) hours by giving it the key of the vehicle. In each case of an accident or theft, the Lessee is additionally charged with a fixed amount of “file management costs” of 15 € + VAT (?????), which is not refundable. IN CASE A BREACH OF THE TERMS OF THIS ARTICLE 2 LESSEE AND THE ADDITIONAL DRIVERS LIABLE IN FULL FOR ANY DAMAGES INCIDENTAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL NOT EXCLUDED AND OTHER COMPENSATION AND WHETHER IT HAS PROVE ANY VOLUNTARY WAIVER OF COVERAGE OF LIABILITY.


The Lessee will pay to the Lessor at the end of the lease the total amount of the lease as well as any other charges arising from the rental of the Car (fuel, fines, costs, damages, etc.). If repayment is made by credit card, the cardholder’s signature authorizes the Lessor to charge the Lessee’s credit card account with the total lease and associated charges as above. This authorization also applies to ex-post charges, such as damage charges, any towing or carriage charges, fines for road traffic offenses and illegal parking, and any envelope costs resulting from the handling of the above. The Lessee is additionally burdened with: (a) any exceeding of the agreed mileage. The number of kilometers traveled is calculated according to the meter readings at the beginning and end of the lease, (b) the charge for filling the Car with fuel if it is not returned with the original fuel level by the Lessee, as well as the Fuel Service Fee, (c) the charges for any services and risks covered by the Lessee have been used by the Lessee to use, as described in Article 4 hereof, (d) any taxes, d fees, fees, legal fees or other expenses related to the rental of the Car, with any fines, fines, court fees and other expenses imposed or may be imposed on the Lessor due to a violation in the use of the Car by the Lessee, possession and use of the Car by the Lessor, as well as with interest on arrears due to late payment of any amounts owed. In such cases the lessee is obliged to pay in addition to the Lessor the amount of € 15 + VAT ?????? (e) any amount required to repair the damage caused by natural phenomena and terrorist acts; (f) with the extra charge for receiving the delivery of the Car and the charge for returning it to a point other than (g) with the additional charge of AirportServiceCharge, (h) cleaning costs in the case of an excessively dirty vehicle, (i) with the daily charge for the additional driver, (j) theft or theft by charging an amount of € 15 + envelope management fee plus VAT. THE LESSEE IS NOT DISCLAIMED FROM THE ABOVE ALLOCATIONS EVEN IF ANY OPTIONAL LIABILITY FOR THE EXEMPTION OF ITS LIABILITY HAS BEEN ACCEPTED


The Vehicle carries third-party and non-driver liability insurance (other than the driver) and up to the amounts stipulated by Greek law, subject to the driver’s legal driving and in accordance with the terms hereof.

The Lessee is liable for any damage to the Car. The Lessee may limit his liability for damage to the Vehicle to a deductible, accepted at the commencement of the lease the optional coverage of increased loss relief by placing his signature on the respective square marked REMOTE and paying the corresponding daily charge. The Lessee, in the event of theft of the Car, is required to pay the amount of the Car. The Lessee may limit the liability for total loss or loss of the Vehicle to a minimum deductible and accept precautions to prevent the total theft or loss of the Car and use it in accordance with the terms of this agreement.

The above loss exemptions and coverages do not exempt the Lessee from the charges of Article 3 hereof and if the Car was not used in accordance with the terms of use of Article 12 hereof.

The driver and the occupants are not covered by Insurance. The Lessor provides insurance cover with the cover of the personal accident insurance policy of the Lessor if the Lessee accepts the daily charge for driver and occupant cover at the beginning of the lease and puts his signature in the respective square marked REMOTE and pays the corresponding daily charge.


The Lessee agrees to the detailed recording of his or her personal data on a computer and the processing of his or her personal data under this Agreement and in accordance with applicable law. It is expressly agreed that the Lessor has the right to transmit such data to the cooperating companies and to the authorities of the country if there is a suspicion of a criminal or other offense.


The above terms also apply if the originally leased Car is replaced or if the lease is prolonged while any modification of the terms hereof is void if not agreed in writing. The Lessor has the right to terminate this Agreement in the event of default by the Lessee and immediate recovery of the Car. The Lessee is required to pay to the Lessor a financial guarantee before the vehicle is delivered to the Lessee for his faithful compliance with the terms hereof. During the lease, all additional drivers are jointly and severally liable to the Lessee. Similarly, if a representative signs this lease, he will be jointly and severally liable with the principal. In addition, the Lessee is jointly and severally liable with a third party for the payment of any expenses, expenses and fees, regardless of whether the third party has undertaken to cover them. The Lessee agrees and accepts that discounts that may be granted do not apply if the redemption of the account issued by the Lessor is not made in time. All charges are subject to final check. It is the responsibility of the Lessee to request a refund or even the final charge for fuel at the time of the return of the vehicle and only at that time. Refunds or other disputes relating to charging the fuel are not accepted after the customer has left the landlord’s office. The Lessor is not responsible for the loss or destruction of any asset located in the Car after its return to the Lessor. In the event that the Lessor fails to deliver to the Lessee at a specific time a particular type of Car for which the Lessee has made the reservation, the Lessor bears no responsibility for any damage Positive or repayment of the Lessee.


This agreement is governed by Greek law and any dispute that arises between the Lessor and the Lessee under this Agreement will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of Athens or Nafplion Greece..